Remodeling Ideas to Increase Your Home Value

Remodeling Ideas to Increase Your Home ValueFrom the friendly team at Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems in Denver here are a few remodeling ideas to increase your home value. Whether you’re looking to sell in the near future, or simply want to enjoy some upgrades that will also reap the rewards in the long run, one of these ideas is sure to fit the bill. Of course, give us a call, and we’ll provide the roll-off dumpster rental services you need to clear out the old and make way for the new.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens are an integral part of your home. They often become gathering places during get-togethers and seriously who doesn’t love all the great flavors and aromas that come out of a kitchen? As such kitchen remodels are a popular way to spruce up your home and add value. You don’t have to rip out everything and start from scratch, sometimes just changing up the color scheme or upgrading your appliances to more energy efficient models is just what the room needs for a bit of extra pizzazz. 

Add-On a Bathroom

An added, or gutted and upgraded, bathroom also makes the list of great remodeling ideas to increase your home value, particularly if your home currently only has one. The cost of doing this varies greatly depending on how fancy you want to make it and what kind of space you have available inside your home. Getting creative and utilizing underused spaces (like under the staircase or extra closets) can help in that department. Either way, remember to find the right size dumpster for your waste. 

Reinvent a Room

If you’ve got an unfinished basement, attic, or space over the garage, you just might be able to spruce that up a bit and add some usable square footage to your home without breaking the bank. You can create a fun game room, or put in another bedroom, or maybe even put in an entire apartment from which you can earn a little extra cash by renting it out. All you have to do is, get a little creative.

Upgrading to Energy Efficient Windows

These days energy efficiency is a big concern, and this is a huge selling point for potential home buyers. To ensure your home is competitive in today’s market you really should have modern energy efficient windows. Even if you don’t plan to sell right away, installing them now will save you lots of hard earned dollars on your energy bills over time. Let us know how many windows you’re swapping out, and we’ll send over a roll-off dumpster to safely get rid of your old glass windows.

Add a Deck

Outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly popular and add significant appeal to your home when selling. Designing and installing a deck can be a big project, but you get to enjoy your efforts for the remainder of the time you live in the home and recoup a big chunk of that investment when you sell.

Most of these remodeling ideas to increase your home value will end up producing a lot of waste that you will have to get rid of somehow. One of the easiest ways to do that is to request a roll-off dumpster from us here at Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems. You can just have it handy in your yard while working on the project and be tossing debris as it’s created. When you’re all done, watch it roll away. It’s easy!

When Spring Cleaning, Should You Dump or Donate?

When Spring Cleaning, Should You Dump or DonateWhen spring cleaning, should you dump or donate? Today, Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems in Denver has a few tips to help you make the tough decisions. A lot of people find it somewhat paralyzing when they clean out their closets and garages, and as a result, often end up either not cleaning it or not actually cleaning it out as thoroughly as they should. However, unused items simply clutter up a home and are going to waste sitting there, when they can actually be given new life through donation.

 So, as you begin to rifle through your things and decide what needs to go, you may wonder how to choose between items suitable for donation and items that just need to be hauled to the dump. Create two piles, one for the dump and one for donation. Then take a look at these two checklists and ask yourself which category the item falls into and voila! You now know which pile to add the item to.

Items Suitable For Donation

  • The item is still usable and in good condition
  • The item is valuable enough to sell
  • The item is of decent quality and will still last for a while
  • The item functions the way that it should


There are also a few things that you should keep in mind when you are donating items. Charities can only use items that are suitable for resale, and their employees have to sort through everything to ensure some degree of quality. If you give them a bunch of useless junk, your donation could end up costing them money in the time it takes to go through everything and the expense of hauling it to the dump for you. That’s not helpful and should be avoided.

Items That Should Go To the Dump

  • The item is stained, ripped, moldy, rusty, ratty, whatever but it’s nasty
  • The item is broken and needs extensive repair in order to function correctly
  • The item is of poor quality and won’t last long at this point anyways
  • The item is unsafe to use
  • The item is ridiculously old


If you rent a dumpster for a massive cleanout, like finally getting rid of all that reno debris you meant to upcycle, keep in mind that not everything is eligible. Things like appliances and drywall are fine, while batteries or hazardous materials need to be disposed of properly. Be sure to check the list of prohibited items at your local landfill or talk to one of our team members for more information on proper disposal.

Again, if your first sweep and count for your “dump” pile is exceeding the capacity of your garbage cans, then consider renting a roll-off dumpster to haul everything away in one fell swoop. Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems Inc. has several sizes you can choose from, starting at a reasonable 12-yard dumpster.

When spring cleaning, should you dump or donate shouldn’t be a paralyzing question. Instead, clean out that old junk that you don’t need cluttering up your home. Experience freedom from that burden, help out those in need with items you can donate and let Mile High Roll-Off in Denver do all the heavy lifting.

5 Projects that Benefit from Renting a Dumpster

5 Projects that Benefit from Renting a DumpsterToday the crew at Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems in Denver would like to share these 5 projects that benefit from renting a dumpster. If you’re not familiar with roll-off containers, you may not realize how handy they can be on certain projects, especially compared to trying to dispose of materials using your regular garbage collection service. So, when is it the right time to rent a dumpster? Here are a few ideas.

Spring Cleaning

Not everybody keeps up on spring cleaning. Some people are great at keeping up on getting rid of things they don’t need anymore. The rest of us, maybe not so much. It’s understandable that when you finally get around to doing it, you have a lot of stuff you need to get rid of at once.

You could slowly get rid of a little bit here and there by adding to your regular garbage collection every week. Depending on the amount of stuff you have that could take weeks! Not to mention, it is kind of a pain to have to think about every week and make sure it gets dragged to the curb. Plus, you have to leave everything piled somewhere while it waits its turn to be hauled away.

Instead, get your cleaning done and send off everything at once with a roll-off. We rent out 12-yard dumpsters that are ideal for tossing a few pieces of old furniture and any other junk you have around.

Moving Day

Another instance in which you could have a lot to get rid of at once is moving day. You probably don’t even realize how much stuff you have tucked away here and there (and up to the ceiling in the garage) until you have to do a deep clean out like this. Rather than paying to haul it all with you, it can be easier just to get rid of unused items with a roll-off dumpster and lighten up your load up a bit.

Yard Waste

Another popular spring topic, even if you have a small yard, is yard waste which can quickly fill up the waste bucket that your regular garbage service allows. Again, instead of having to pile it up somewhere and get rid of it a little at a time, a roll-off container is a great way to get rid of it quickly and cleanly.

Remodeling Debris

Remodeling and other home renovation or improvement projects always create a fair amount of waste. Big projects, like roofing repairs or changing out your home’s siding, can also produce an extraordinarily large amount and a roll-off container simplifies the cleanup process a great deal.

Storm Debris

If Mother Nature decides to throw a tantrum, you could have quite a bit of debris left in your yard. You might have a lot of fallen limbs and trees, even suffered damage to your home that needs to be cleaned up and repaired. The easiest way to clear all that out is to send it off at once in a dumpster rental.

These 5 projects that benefit from renting a dumpster aren’t the only times a dumpster can come in handy. Whenever you do find yourself in need of one, be sure to give us a call here at Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems in Denver and we’ll help you find the right dumpster for the task at hand.

How to Choose the Right Dumpster for Your Project

How to Choose the Right Dumpster for Your ProjectThe experts here at Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems, Inc. know it is so important that you understand how to choose the right dumpster for your project. While waste disposal is not a fun topic, it’s something that we can’t ignore as it can often involve sanitation concerns and public health. Here, we’ll break down a few example projects so that you can better estimate your needs and ensure all waste is disposed of properly.

First things first, it is necessary to understand how dumpsters are measured to know what size dumpster you need to rent for your project. Dumpsters are measured in cubic yards and are typically available in different sizes starting from 10 cubic yards, about three pickup truck loads worth of debris, on up to 40 cubic yards, which is roughly equivalent to 12 pickup truck loads.

Single-Room Cleanout

To give you an idea what size dumpster you will need for a project, you can read through the following estimates. If you are planning to clean out an attic, basement or garage, you will probably find that a 10 or 15-yard dumpster will be sufficient. However, that does depend on the size of the room, how much junk is crammed into it, and how much of that junk needs to be carted off! But, in general, 10 or 15 yards should be good. 

Whole-House Cleanout

But what if you are looking to clean out an entire house? Well, in that case, you’re probably going to want to jump up to a 15 or 20-yard dumpster. If the house is rather large, you might even need a 30-yard dumpster to ensure you have enough space, particularly if you have a lot of large items.


What about a remodel project? Well, of course, dumpster size is going to depend on the extent of the remodel. For an average remodel of one room in which you plan to be removing flooring, a wall, windows, or something similar a 20-yard dumpster should suffice. Keep in mind that kitchen remodels in which you plan to remove big items like counters and appliances will probably require the extra room that a 30-yard dumpster offers.

If you are remodeling multiple rooms, again it depends on the extent of the remodel project. If you are planning to renovate just one aspect of each room, for example just the floors, then a 20-yard container might be enough. If your remodel is more extensive, such as ripping everything out down to the studs, you will most likely need a 30-yard dumpster, to be on the safe side.

Of course, this quick overview of how to choose the right dumpster for your project isn’t as valuable as the expertise of one of our staff members. Feel free to contact us here at Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems Inc. for more tailored advice for your particular project. With over 20 years of operation, we have plenty of experience when it comes to helping our neighbors get rid of unwanted debris efficiently.

The ABC’s of Dumpster Rental

The ABC's of Dumpster RentalIf you are undertaking a home renovation or cleaning up after a burst pipe or natural disaster, we want you to know the ABC’s of dumpster rental. It’s likely that you will be accumulating a lot of waste in the process which your normal curbside pickup services won’t remove. In that case, renting a roll off dumpster from us here at Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems can be a great option for proper disposal. So, before you rent, take a look at the tips and information we provide here.

Being aware of a few things beforehand can greatly ease or prevent any unnecessary stress during the waste disposal process. Since waste disposal is not necessarily on anyone’s list of fun things to do, we think you probably would appreciate any easing or stress prevention that is possible.


The first thing to be aware of is permits. It is generally unnecessary to get a permit to have a temporary dumpster on your property. However, this is not true in all cases and you should make sure to investigate your situation beforehand.

For example, there may be rules to follow or permissions you need to get. This is particularly the case if there is a chance the dumpster will be located on public or shared land. Get those details worked out beforehand to save yourself a headache later of somebody getting upset with you.

Also, be sure to check the covenants for your neighborhood. Some communities require you to seek permission from your homeowner’s association (HOA) before setting a big dumpster in your yard.


Generally, dumpster rental companies will charge you for the amount of time you plan to use the container. To save yourself money, and maybe even to avoid conflict with your neighbors, you should try to rent the container for the least amount of time possible. Plan to have it dropped off when you have time to get the work done.

Disposal Limitations

Just because you rent a dumpster doesn’t mean you can throw anything you want into it. Talk to one of our disposal experts and we will explain what you can and can’t put into the dumpster. If there is anything that you’re unsure of, don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications. Many cities have regulations on certain kinds of paints, light bulbs, chemicals, batteries, and more so you should be aware of what is in place in your area to avoid any unnecessary fines or other problems.

Of course, the ABC’s of dumpster rental are easy to come by just talking with one of our knowledgeable representatives. At Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems, we have been providing top notch waste disposal services to people in Denver and the surrounding area for over 20 years. We know all the ins and outs of the business and how to better facilitate your waste disposal process. We know it’s a dirty business, but it’s a necessary one, and we try to make it as easy as possible for our customers.

4 Tips for Managing Your Construction Waste

4 Tips for Managing Your Construction WasteAlways here to provide you with expertise, Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems has 4 tips for managing your construction waste.  When you are working on large construction or demolition projects, creating waste is inevitable. However, there are a few steps that you can take to avoid generating huge piles of construction waste that all gets lumped together and shipped off to the landfill.

  1. Limit the waste you generate as much as possible

The single most effective way of saving money and being environmentally responsible is to limit the amount of waste that your project generates. Now, obviously, you cannot eliminate all waste and sometimes you still end up with a lot even though you used good practices, and that’s okay. Limiting the waste in the first place helps a lot with the rest of the disposal process, but there are still other ways of disposing of waste that saves you money and doesn’t land a lot of garbage in the landfill.

  1. Sort the waste you generate

This probably doesn’t sound like a very glamorous job, but sorting the waste is a major step in limiting the waste that goes to the landfill. On construction sites, waste is generally all heaped together while the project is ongoing and there are a lot of recyclable materials that end up mixed in with the regular waste. If you just haul it all off to the landfill, a lot of materials that could be reused end up in the landfill.

Some of those materials, such as copper, aluminum or other metals can even be sold so it can be worth your while to do the job. If you don’t want to take the time to sort the waste yourself, you can always hire a knowledgeable waste management company to do the dirty work for you.

  1. Haul it away

Once your waste is sorted and ready, it’s time to haul it to the correct location. You can either collect and haul it yourself or hire a company. We might be biased, but we think that a roll-off container from Mile High Roll-Off would be an excellent choice here. Keep in mind that waste will be going to different places depending on the type of waste and you should know where those are. Here again is the importance of limiting waste in the first place to save you money during this step.

  1. Recycle, reuse or even sell

You might not be aware of all the materials that don’t have to go to the landfill. That’s why it is important to talk to a reputable waste management company. You never know you could even literally be throwing money away if some of your items are eligible for resale.

We hope these 4 tips for managing your construction waste have been helpful. For answers to more questions about waste disposal, you can always talk to the friendly professionals here at Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems. We can help you get your construction projects cleaned up quickly and for a reasonable price. Contact us today to reserve your dumpster!

Calculating How Big a Dumpster I Need

Calculating How Big a Dumpster I NeedYou’ve got an unsightly pile of debris sitting in your yard. Perhaps, you remodeled your kitchen or tore down that old shed in your backyard. Either way, you’re probably thinking about how to get rid of the junk as soon as possible. But now you might be asking yourself, how to do I go about calculating how big a dumpster I need? Well, Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems in Denver is here to help.

We know that you don’t want to waste valuable time making multiple trips to the dump. And you also don’t want to get a dumpster that’s too large where you end up spending more money than needed.
The good news is that, with a simple calculation, you can figure out the approximate size of your pile and as a result, the right roll-off dumpster size. Of course, different materials will fit differently and the weight of different debris can vary considerably. Think about how much a pile of gravel will weigh in comparison to the same size pile of miscellaneous construction debris.

The size is easy to estimate. All you need is a good tape measure and a friend willing to hold the other end for you. It doesn’t have to be exact but always overestimate in situations where you’re not sure about the size. If not, you could end up with not everything fitting into the dumpster.

So, simply measure the pile’s length, width, and height in feet. Multiply those three numbers together and then divide the result by 27. This will give you the rough cubic yardage of your pile. Take a look:

Pile Length = 13 feet
Pile Width = 8 feet
Pile Height = 5 feet

Now multiply 13 x 8 x 5 = 520
Finally, divide 520 by 27 = 19.26 cubic yards

So, a 20 yard dumpster should be just about perfect for your debris pile. It’s that simple!

Next time you wonder, how do I go about calculating how big a dumpster I need, we’re here to help. Whether you get a little lost along the way or can’t decide if it’s best to round up or down to choose the right dumpster size, feel free to give us a call at Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems in Denver. One of our friendly experts will be happy to discuss measurements with you and help determine which dumpster size most closely matches your debris pile. Get in touch today for more information.

What Am I Allowed to Put in a Dumpster?

What Am I Allowed to Put in a Dumpster?Serving all of Denver, Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems always advises our customers on the rules when they ask what am I allowed to put in a dumpster. This is a key question to ask yourself before deciding to rent a roll off dumpster to dispose of waste.

Many people don’t realize that renting a roll off dumpster for a home or commercial project does not give you license to throw whatever you want in it. Just as there are environmental rules and regulations for regular trash, dumpster companies and their customers have rules to follow as well.

Mile High Roll-Off has been providing waste disposal and sanitation solutions in Denver and across the Front Range for over 20 years. Our goal is always to offer the best customer service and help keep our cities and planet clean. In order to do so, we help our renters understand what they can and can’t put in a dumpster by offering the helpful list below.  

Waste Items to Put in a Dumpster

For the most part, just about any construction materials can go into dumpsters, making roll-off dumpsters a great option for getting rid of debris at construction sites. There is always a lot of debris that accumulates, and it can be a pain having to run to the dump several times with a pickup truck. Examples of construction materials permitted in dumpsters are:

  • Drywall
  • Siding
  • Concrete
  • Shingles for the roof
  • Brick, stone and other types of masonry
  • Typical renovation debris 

Types of Waste that are ALLOWED in Dumpsters Include:

  • Yard waste like tree branches, leaves, grass clippings, etc.
  • Furniture like old sofas, tables, chairs, bed frames, etc.
  • Paper products including cardboard and the like
  • Non-organic trash, as in regular trash that doesn’t contain scraps of food
  • Household junk including mattresses, curtains, toys, other random household items, etc.
  • Scrap metal and other types of recyclable materials

Along with determining what am I allowed to put in a dumpster, we recommend that you assess how much you need to get rid of then consult with one of our waste disposal experts to determine the right size container for your project. Renting one the right size will eliminate extra trips and save you money.

Now on to the list of things that shouldn’t go into a dumpster. All of these toxic items that aren’t allowed have safe alternatives for correct disposal. If you are still uncertain how to dispose of them, be sure to ask our staff, and we can suggest the right place for proper disposal. 

Items NOT ALLOWED in Dumpsters Include:

  • Motor oil and other fluids used in cars
  • Explosives, for examples fireworks
  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Appliances that have Freon like refrigerators and air conditioners
  • Anything that may contain asbestos
  • Oils, paints, varnishes and the like

Of course, if you have any further questions regarding what am I allowed to put in a dumpster, or are unsure about any of the items that you have for disposal, call us here at Mije High Roll-Off. We are happy to help determine what is appropriate to put into one of our dumpsters. If you have anything that is not allowed, we can direct you to the right company to dispose of your items correctly. Call today!

Roll Off Dumpster for Rent Denver

Roll Off Dumpster for Rent DenverCleaning up after a big project is a lot of work and not the most fun and interesting part of the project. But it is a very necessary part–unless of course, you like looking at the ugly debris that was left behind. One thing that will make the task much easier is to give us a call here at Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems Inc and ask about our roll off dumpsters for rent in Denver. When using one of our roll off dumpsters for rent in Denver to clean up your work site the job becomes much quicker and much easier than it would have been if you’d borrowed your cousin’s little pickup truck to do the job.

The best thing about our roll off dumpsters for rent in Denver is that you don’t have to break the bank to get the job done efficiently. Our pricing is extremely competitive, and we offer all sorts of packages and price points to get you exactly the service that you need without paying for extra or not having enough. Just give us a call with the approximate dimensions of your pile and we can get you started today!

Roll Off Containers for Rent Wheatridge

Roll Off Containers for Rent WheatridgeOkay, so you know that you have a need for roll off containers for rent near Wheat Ridge, Colorado. But what you don’t know is who to call. Who will help you get rid of that gigantic debris pile that is driving you up the wall without charging you an arm and a leg to do it? Well, the answer to that is easy. We here at Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems Inc. have been helping people get rid of nasty debris piles for over 20 years, and we do it with friendly customer service and very competitive rates. With us, you won’t pay an exorbitant rate for roll off containers for rent near Wheat Ridge.

The next thing you may be wondering is what size container to order. The answer to that is also easy. Simply go out to your pile and measure the approximate height, length, and width. Once you have those numbers, times them all together and then divide by 27. The resulting number is your cubic yardage and with that number, we can tell you exactly what you need. So for roll off containers for rent near Wheat Ridge don’t hesitate to give us a call today.