Re-roofing debris needs a dumpster Re-roofing debris needs a dumpster

8 Benefits Of Roll-Off Containers For Your Business

Roll-Off ContainersThe average person produces approximately 4.4 pounds of trash each day. With billions of people in the U.S., the daily amount of trash produced is pretty mind-boggling.

What many people don’t think about is where does all this trash go? While it may be put in garbage cans, dumpsters, and ultimately the dump, thinking about it logistically can cause a headache.

For businesses, especially large businesses, the amount of trash produced daily can be hard to manage. A simple dumpster may not be enough – this is especially true if some type of large project, clean-out, renovation or organization project is going on.

If you are facing this situation for your business, then the best solution may be to use roll-off containers. Are you wondering if this is right for your business?

If so, keep reading. Here you can learn about the benefits offered by roll-off containers and how this investment may pay off in the long-run.

1. Improved Efficiency

When you have a roll-off dumpster on-site, you can focus on the job at hand, regardless of what this may be. You don’t have to stop, drag debris, trash, or other items to the dumpster and hope everything will fit.

Roll-off containers can be delivered in a convenient location, making disposing of waste simple and efficient. You can also choose the size container that best suits the job.

For example, if you are only cleaning out a few offices and disposing of excess items, our 12-yard roll-off may be enough. However, if you are renovating a building, then a larger unit or multiple containers may be needed.

2. Safer Working Conditions

When you think of a roll-off container, a busy, hazardous construction site may come to mind. While these units are definitely beneficial for these situations, this isn’t the only time they can be beneficial.

Think about it, if you are cleaning out a large office space, disposing of old furniture and other items, it’s not exactly safe for you to put all these items in piles out by the curb.

If you happen to do this, it poses a serious risk to your employees, clients, and anyone who may come to your business. Exposed waste material and trash increase the likelihood of accidents, tripping, and even injuries.

With roll-off containers, you can eliminate these hazards. As a result, everyone coming to your business is safer. Also, you don’t have to worry about your employees having to haul away potentially dangerous debris on their own.

3. Versatility

Large chunks of roofing, old appliances, broken furniture, daily waste – all this can be thrown into a roll-off container. After all, branches, broken items, fencing, decking, and other debris can take up quite a bit of space and result in an eyesore if you just pile them outside your business.

When you have rented a roll-off container to hold everything, you don’t have to worry about this. Even better, you don’t have to use any type of trash bag, as the container is what holds everything.

4. Improved Compliance

Keep in mind, there are definitely things you cannot place in a roll-off container. This includes hazardous materials and other items. It’s a good idea to check with the laws and regulations in your area to know for sure what can and cannot be put in your container.

However, when you opt with a professional waste disposal service, you can feel confident the trash you put in the dumpster is going to be disposed of properly. This can help reduce your liability and the possibility of fines and fees due to improper waste disposal.

5. Reduced Possibility of Expensive Litigation

When your job site is safer and more efficient, and when your waste is disposed of properly, the risk of a potentially costly lawsuit will be reduced significantly. After all, when there are no hazards present, there’s no possibility of an accident or injury.

This can help your business save quite a bit in legal bills moving forward.

6. An Eco-Friendly Waste Disposal Method

Believe it or not, using a single, large container is much easier on the environment. After all, you can fit much more waste in the container at a time. It can also be picked up and disposed of in a single trip.

This helps to reduce the CO2 emissions to take the waste to the proper disposal location. In the long run, using this method for waste disposal can help to reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

7. Increased Profits

When your employees are able to work efficiently and safely, they are going to be more productive. In the long run, this also helps to make your business more productive.

Increases in productivity can reduce expenses while boosting your bottom line. These benefits are all generated simply by using a smart waste disposal method.

8. Peace of Mind

A benefit offered by roll-off container rental you may not have expected is the peace of mind it offers. When there is a reduced risk of litigation and injuries, you are going to sleep better at night.

You are also going to feel more at ease during the day.

Are Roll-Off Containers Right for Your Business?

The question of whether or not roll-off containers are right for your business is one you will have to consider, and answer based on your needs. In most cases, roll-off containers aren’t going to be the main source of waste removal for a business, but are a great option for renovation projects, new construction, clean-outs, or when moving locations.

Be sure to review all the uses and benefits that are highlighted here so you can make an educated decision regarding whether or not this type of container is right for you.

When you make the decision to use roll-off containers, it’s also important to make sure you find a quality rental company. Mile High Roll-Off provides professional services and competitive prices. Contact us today or request your dumpster online to learn more about our containers and how we can help you with your waste removal needs.