Cutting Costs When Flipping a House

Cutting Costs When Flipping a HouseToday, Mile High Roll in Denver shares some effective methods for cutting costs when flipping a house. We know that getting your fix-and-flip house ready to sell is a fast and furious process, especially in our hot Denver market. Let our helpful roll off dumpster rental services give you the upper hand and help you make a big profit for all of your hard work.

Rewards Credit Cards

If this isn’t a cash job, sign up for and use a rewards credit card to make all of the purchases necessary for your flip. Travel and purchase points add up quickly when buying for such a large project and once you have your flip profits in your pocket, you can enjoy a well-deserved and low-cost vacation.

Power Tools

If you’re going the DIY route and plan to make flipping a full-time thing, use that rewards credit card to purchase power tools instead of renting. It’s easy for delays and issues to come up, so let’s say you plan to rent a tile cutter for 3 days. Then laying the tile takes more time than you thought and your helper doesn’t show up. Then you run out of tile before the job is done. Well, now that 3-day rental stretches a full week or more. You’ll end up paying more for renting than buying and miss out on the rewards. 

Rent a Roll Off Dumpster

If cutting costs when flipping a house is important, be sure to rent a roll-off dumpster. This makes it convenient and affordable to get rid of all that debris and waste. You can then have your contractor, who typically will mark up the cost, take waste removal off of the estimate. And if you’re doing the flip yourself, you’ll save yourself from endless, back and forth trips to the dump. 

Go Big with Trade Professionals

Your plumber and electrician will charge a minimum for just showing up to a project. Have a punch list of projects ready for them to get started on and if you have other flips or renovation jobs happening, roll those into one big list and see if they’ll give you a volume discount. There’s no harm in asking.

Not So Fancy Materials

Unless you’re flipping in a high-end neighborhood, explore your builder-grade or more standard options when looking at cabinets, windows and more to find savings. If you over-renovate and use materials that are way more expensive than the local comps, you may not recoup your investment. You want to stand out, but you don’t want it to affect your bottom line.

Overstock, Clearance and Remnants

From cabinets to countertops and flooring, there are plenty of deals that will help with cutting costs when flipping a house. But you have to look and you have to even be a little pushy. If you have a small kitchen, a quartz remnant may cover your needs and cost a fraction of picking your own slab. Don’t be afraid to talk to employees, wheel and deal, and push for lower prices.

These are just a few ways of cutting costs when flipping a house, but we hope they’ll help you along the way. At Mile High Roll-Off in Denver, we’re always ready to help you save big with convenient dumpster rental services. Our family-run business will make sure that you get the right size container for your project, so give us a call to schedule your delivery today.