Deciding What Goes in the Dumpster

Deciding What Goes in the Dumpster Mile High Rolloff DenverDo you have trouble deciding what goes in the dumpster? At Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems in Denver, Colorado, we have a few tips for you. Some of your stuff may be in good enough condition to donate or sell. The rest needs to go in your roll-off dumpster, but first, ask these 5 questions to help you decide which items to put where.

Is it worth my time to sell?

The idea of selling items instead of tossing them in a dumpster rental may sound great. You get cash from stuff that you don’t use anymore. But think about how much time it might take and decide if it’s really worth it. Whether you sell on Facebook, Letgo, Craigslist or another platform, there are countless flakes and scammers who will waste your time over and over again. It’s the nature of the beast.

One approach is to think in terms of what you make hourly. For example, take a look at an item you could perhaps sell for $50. If you’re selling online, how much time will it take you to list it, take photos, and return emails from potential buyers? If we call it two hours, you would earn $25 an hour which might be worth it. For something you can sell for $20 but still takes that 2 hours to sell, only “paying” yourself $10 an hour may not be so appealing. 

Will anybody want it?

This is an essential question to ask yourself when deciding what goes in the dumpster. People will only pay good money for things they want. And even though there is probably somebody out there who will want what you have, there is no guarantee that they will see your listing. Bottom line, the item should be something that a lot of people might be interested in buying. So, that couch you’ve been dragging around since your awesome college days may need to be relegated to your roll-off dumpster during a seasonal cleanout.

Is your expectation of what you’ll earn reasonable?

Pricing random items can be difficult, especially when it has emotional value to you. Take a few moments to look around on Craigslist or eBay to get an idea of a reasonable asking price. Look for items that have already sold and don’t forget to take into account the item’s condition.

Do I have time to do this?

If you’re downsizing in preparation for a big move, you need to look at your timeline. How soon do you plan on moving? Do you have enough time to list the items and wait for buyers? Even though charities don’t give you any money, a donation may be a good way to get rid of your stuff, but a dumpster is even faster and easier if you don’t want to do any sorting.

Can I group some items together?

Sometimes you can sell items as a group. You might not make quite as much money this way, but you’ll save yourself a lot of time. Creating one listing for 5 objects will speed up your workflow significantly, which can be worth it.

We hope these tips will help when you are deciding what goes in the dumpster. In short, it is pretty much anything that you don’t think is worthy enough of the time it would take to sell it. Once you get your throw away pile ready, give us a call here at Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems, and we’ll bring you the right size dumpster to get rid of your stuff quickly and easily.