Using a dumpster will save when flipping a house Using a dumpster will save when flipping a house

Dumpster or trailer?

Comparing roll-off dumpster costs can seem easy. You just need to weigh up different dumpster rental companies and see how much they charge. But what if you already have a trailer or a friend has a trailer you can borrow? Then, your comparison is not as straightforward.

Now you have to consider the additional work, money and time using a much smaller trailer will incur. Using your own trailer may seem like the more affordable option at first, but it does have hidden costs. You need to consider that you will have to pay dump fees, will spend more time going back and forth between the site and the dump, and will have gas expenses to cover.

Therefore, for most home improvement projects or big events, it’s clear a roll-off dumpster rental is the way to go. Mile High Roll-off is the company to call, so get in touch with us today.