Keeping Animals Out Of A Dumpster

Everyday we hear about animals stuck in dumpster, there is just to many good smells and things to eat for an animal to resist.  Are you wondering how to keep a dumpster animal-free? Here are some tips from the experts at Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems in Denver.

Dumpsters tend to have the uncanny ability to attract all sorts of nuisance animals and pests. Common culprits include raccoons, squirrels, and birds. In some areas, you might even find a skunk in your dumpster, which can lead to unwanted and serious odor issues. Any of these animals can end up making quite a mess out of your dumpster if they get the chance.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to minimize the appearance of these pesky critters. Here are a few helpful tips on how to keep a dumpster animal-free that work for your normal trash as well as a roll-off dumpster that you rent from us.

Throw Your Trash Away Correctly

To avoid leaving out a welcome mat for these critters, don’t leave trash lying on the ground around the dumpster. Food is especially effective in attracting unwanted guests. Make sure everything, even food wrappers make it into the dumpster.

Cover the Dumpster with a Tarp

When you’re not using your dumpster rental, cover it tightly with a tarp. This includes during the day when you’re not actively tossing stuff into it. A wide open dumpster is a wide open invitation for little creatures looking for a midnight (or afternoon) snack.

Use Deterrents or Repellants

If you follow the first two guidelines we’ve already mentioned, you should be able to keep a dumpster animal-free. However, if you have particularly determined pesky animals in your area, these measures may not be enough. Raccoons, in particular, are notorious for figuring out how to get lids off trash cans and may find a way through the tarp on your roll-off dumpster.

In that case, you can buy a commercial deterrent or repellent from your local hardware store. Or make your own at home. One common homemade solution is to simply mix ammonia with water and spray it in the area around your dumpster. If your problem is severe, spray straight ammonia if you’re willing to put up with the smell yourself. As you spray, be very careful about getting it on surrounding plants. You can easily damage or kill plants with ammonia.

There you have it! How to keep a dumpster animal-free in 3 easy steps. It really isn’t too complicated. Typically you won’t have a dumpster sitting on your property for long anyway. The less time it is there, the less likely it will be to draw unwanted wildlife. But in some cases, especially in areas overrun with pesky creatures, even a roll-off dumpster sitting there for just a couple days can draw them, so follow these guidelines to keep a dumpster animal-free.

Don’t let the fear of drawing unwanted animals keep you from renting your roll-off dumpster. Give us a call today at Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems in Denver to schedule a drop-off for your next big project.