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Roll-off dumpster language for newbies

You’ve never rented a roll-off dumpster, but your heaps of debris are telling you, “It’s time”? Well, here is some basic terminology know:

  • Clean Load: A roll-off dumpster filled with one type of recyclable material (asphalt, concrete, plastics, metal, cardboard). Easier for recycling purposes.
  • Dumpster Permit: Possible requirement in some municipalities, especially the container rental is placed on the side of a city street.
  • Landfill Fees: Much of the debris from dumpsters goes to area landfills. Local and city governments run the landfills, and a fee is required to offload — it’s called their landfill or ‘tipping’ fee. It is calculated per ton of waste, the average being about $44 per ton.
  • Mixed Loads: Many types of recyclables, such as wood, metal, cardboard, and plastics. Often taken to a sorting facility to separate the multiple material types.
  • Prohibited Items: Debris types you are NOT allowed to toss into rented dumpsters. Common items include motor oil, lead-acid batteries, tires, chemicals, and paint. Always ask which items are prohibited to avoid penalties or fees.

It can be a smooth process to rent roll-off dumpsters as you de-clutter and simplify your space when you know the right lingo, and get familiar with the processes. Contact Mile High Roll-Off for more great information today!